Successful completion of the 5th Balkans & Black Sea Forum held at the premises of the Piraeus Port Authority


This year’s 5th Balkans & Black Sea Forum (BBSF 2024), themed “Trading Arteries & Global Supply Chains at Stake”,took place on Thursday, February 15, 2024, highlighting the crucial role of our country’s largest port in global trade and supply chain, as a major maritime gateway.

BBSF 2024, dedicated to fostering institutional and commercial cross-border collaboration among Central and Eastern European countries, the Balkans, and the Black Sea region, drew attendance from the international community, diplomats, heads of international organizations and business leaders.

Among the distinguished speakers was the Ambassador of China to Greece, Mr. Xiao Junzheng while the forum was opened by Deputy Minister of Economy & Finance, Mr. Nikos Papathanasis, representing the Prime Minister.

PPA’s Chairman, Mr. Yu Zenggang, in his welcoming remarks, underscored the remarkable progress witnessed at the Port of Piraeus across infrastructure, digital innovation, and green growth initiatives. Notable among these advancements is the recent inauguration of the car terminal expansion, a landmark development marking a significant milestone for the transportation industry. Mr. Yuhighlighted the steadfast resilience demonstrated by PPA S.A. amidst the volatile global landscape through the company’s consistent record economicperformance in recent years, further reinforced by thecross-country collaborations in the wider area.

In his address, Mr. Yu Zenggang emphasized: “The Port of Piraeus has avital role as a key maritime, transportand trade hub at the intersection of the Balkans and Southeastern Europe, serving as a catalyst for cross-country connectivity, collaboration and growth. There is considerable untapped potential for cooperation, which can be further explored through our steady, mutual and sustainable cooperation.The shared vision of our countries for the future should revolve around the concept of green and innovative concepts. We should ensure growth that harmonizes with the environment, while actively supporting and enhancing well-being. The growth of the region should stand as pillar of prosperity, stabilityand sustainability for today and the generations to come.”