Thessaloniki, Gdańsk ports to explore synergies


Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A is expanding its role as a port of international importance through a new cooperation with the Port of Gdańsk Authority SA, the operator of the Port of Gdańsk in Poland.

The cooperation between the two ports was signed during the 87th Thessaloniki International Fair, in the presence of the Ambassador of Poland to Greece, Mr. Artur Lompart and executives of both ports, by Mr. Lukasz Malinowski, President of the Board of Port of Gdansk Authority SA and Mr. Thanos Liagkos, Executive Chairman of the BoD of ThPA S.A.

The new collaboration establishes the framework for research and exchange of best practices, with a view to developing mutually beneficial strategic synergies and supporting initiatives and projects related to the development of a transport corridor between the two ports. The cooperation strengthens the link between Greece and Poland as members of the Three Seas geostrategic initiative, which focuses, inter alia, on the development of transportation along the North-South axis of Eastern Europe.

The Ambassador of Poland to Greece, Mr. Artur Lompart, said, “The initiation of the cooperation between the two ports further reinforces the trade relations between Greece and Poland, aiming to optimize the cargo handling between the two countries, which currently takes place by road from Thessaloniki to Gdańsk in 4 days.”

The President of the Board of Port of Gdańsk Authority SA, Mr. Lukasz Malinowski, pointed out, “The Port of Thessaloniki is strategically located in Northern Greece close to the major Trans-European motorway and railway networks with direct access to the Southeastern European countries. Our cooperation promotes joint exploration of opportunities for the development of port activities, infrastructure, intermodal transport services and modern technology and environmental protection solutions.”

The Executive Chairman of the BoD of ThPA S.A., Mr. Thanos Liagkos, highlighted, “The Port of Gdańsk is one of the fastest growing ports in Europe, holding a leading position in the Baltic container transport sector, as well as in conventional and bulk cargo handling. At ThPA S.A. we remain committed to creating synergies that promote cross-border trade and enhance connectivity, playing a significant role in the country’s extroversion”.


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